Young. Radical. Articulate. Flame thrower. Your takes on J.D. Vance.
James N. Fitzhenry 
RNC underway. Here is a glimpse of Milwaukee's mood as it kicks off.
James N. Fitzhenry 
RNC chair: Pray for President Trump as we begin Milwaukee convention
Michael Whatley 
As RNC starts, we need to stop verbal shots along with real ones
Here's how Trump can woo young voters and win in November
Danielle Butcher Franz, Chris Barnard, and Stephen Perkins 
Attempt on Trump's life horrifying and traumatic. More reader reaction.
James N. Fitzhenry 
Biden saved us from a second Trump term. Today he should step aside.
John Franke 
We're marching Sunday to sound alarm on white Christian nationalism
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RNC is finally here – and we want to talk to you about it
James N. Fitzhenry 
Sure, you'll see incivility at RNC. Here's how we can reverse it.
Is the Supreme Court blind to the danger this country faces?
Letters to the Editor 
Science shows how to cool protest unrest. Why won't Milwaukee listen?
David White and Chad M. Topaz 
Blame Wisconsin GOP for crazy gun rules at RNC in Milwaukee
Deb Andraca and Chris Larson 
Not voting could have consequences you hate worse than the candidates
Kristin Brey 
Just like George Floyd, his family fights a racist justice system
This is America. We shouldn't have to sue to protest.
Melinda Brennan and Colleen Connell 
Supreme Court lays out welcome mat for fascism in America
Letters to the Editor 
Preposterous. Hovde could make more money not running for Senate.
Letters to the Editor 
Wisconsin is supposed to be divided. We all agree on one thing.
Zoe Takaki 
We don't agree on much, but we're united in defense of democracy
Mandela Barnes, J.B. Van Hollen, Scott Klug and Mike Tate 
Do your part this Fourth of July to keep our republic strong
Reid Ribble 
Joe Biden has lost a step. He should not seek another term.
Letters to the Editor 
Don't believe the lies: Voters can have trust in Wisconsin elections
Kathy Bernier and Joseph J. Czarnezki 
Will RNC’s boom be a bust? Cross your fingers and hope not
Kristin Brey 
18-year-old vote lifted democracy. We need that boost today.
Dave Zepecki